Ubuntu Apache Setup for WordPress


On a Fresh Ubuntu 18.04 server, run following commands to setup Apache, PHP and MySQL needed for WordPress installation. You can go to each file and manually run the commands if you want to see what commands are executed.

At this stage, you have LAMP server setup and ready to go. To get your […]

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Install WordPress in Kubernetes

To install WordPress in Kubernetes, you need to install helm package manager. Now run

After the helm chart is run, you will get commands to get login for WordPress admin area. Here is services it create

List of all pods


To scale the deployment, run

See Helm Kubernetes Package […]

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WordPress Backup and Migration Plugins


Migrate Guru: Migrate & Clone WordPress Free This plugin allow you to transfer your wordpress web site to another hosting for free. It support sites upto 200 GB in size. Use BlogVault to do the transfer. https://wordpress.org/plugins/migrate-guru/ All-in-One WP Migration This free plugin allow you to backup and restore your wordpress site. Free version support […]

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WordPress CherryFramework lessphp fatal error


On a WordPress site using CherryFramework based theme, was getting following error.

This was due the web site have migrated to a new server and the path in new server was differnt than old server. To fix, edited file

On line 157, you see following code

Replace ith with

You will […]

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Change WordPress URL

Method 1: Editing MySQL backup To change WordPress site url, backup your MySQL database.

Run sed command to replace the URL in MySQL backup file.

Restore the new db-modified.sql, that will have the database with URL changed.

Method 2: Using Plugin Edit your wp-config.php and add following line.

if you want […]

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WordPress Updating with FTP Find WordPress Version Running wp-cron with cronjob Ubuntu Apache Setup for WordPress WordPress debug WordPress CLI https://wpscan.org/ How to Enable WordPress Toolkit in Cpanel/WHM WordPress Migration Change WordPress URL WordPress Avada theme load fontawesome from old site WordPress Developement How to create a WordPress shortcode? Tools http://scanwp.net – Scan WordPress for […]

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WordPress Updating with FTP

To update wordpress from admin area, you need to be running web server as the user owning files. This is not possible when you run PHP as apache module. To fix this, you need to edit your wp-config.php and add following to end of the file.

You can read about about this at https://codex.wordpress.org/Editing_wp-config.php#WordPress_Upgrade_Constants […]

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