Ubuntu Remap keys in the keyboard

Left Shift key on my keyboard started acting up. It some times work, some times it won’t. I never use the caps lock key on my kayboard, this is just above the shift key. So i decided to use this key as left shift key.

To re-assign key, you need to edit file /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/pc

Lets take a copy of the file before we edit it


Find the line

This is on line 22

Replace with

Now you need to restart X-Windows by pressing ALT+F2, then type r. You can also just reboot your computer for the new keymap to work. After restart, i can use Caps lock key as my Left Shift key.

If you want to disable left shift key, you can comment the line

by adding // at beginning of the line.

See Ubuntu

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