Visual Code Studio Missing Tabs for Open Files

Sometimes working on Visual Code Studio, I lose Tabs shown on top of the editor, this happens when I type, maybe I press some key combination by accident. Once this happened, Visual Codde Studio won’t show tabs for all the open documents, instead, it just shows a tab for the active document.

visual code studio tabs missing

To fix this, click on the “Wheel” icon in the bottom-left corner of Visual Code Studio.

Visual Code Studio Settings

Select Settings from the popup menu. On the next page, search for “Show Tabs”.

Visual Code Studio Show Tabs

If the checkbox is not selected, select it. There are user-level settings for this also, if that is disabled, you will see a warning message here, you can click on it to enable ‘Show Tabs” in user-level settings.

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  • This is actually helpful. I have been struggling with mine for months now but reading this documentary, it just seconds thing.

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