AMD Ryzen 3 2200G on Ubuntu 18.04

New PC i have purchased have AMD Ryzen 3 2200G CPU. This come with Vega 8 iGPU.

If you boot Ubuntu 18.04 on this PC, it fail to boot with some graphics errors. To boot, you need to select advanced option, then recovery, once you get in the menu with differnt options, select continue. This will boot PC with out hardware acceleration.

You can also set “nomodeset” in /etc/default/grub


Replace with

Now run

But doing this disable hardware acceleration. Proper way is to install AMD drivers. You can use open source or AMD propritery, i dedided to go with AMD propritery drivers.

Install Latest Kernel

Support for Vega 8 iGPU only available in latest kernel. So you need to install latest kernel from ubuntu mainline.

Go to;O=D

Find the latest kernel, it will be listed on top of the page. At the time of writing this post, it is “v4.19-rc5”

Click on this folder. You need to download 3 files with name generic for amd64 and install it.

Install it with

Install AMDGPU PRO driver

I don’t really know how to find latest driver from AMD site. It only lists Windows deivers. I had to use google to find link to latest AMD driver.

With some googling, i found a driver released on August 17th , 2018

On this page, you have download links for differnt linux distributions, for Ubuntu, i run

amdgpu-pro-install is actually a symlink to amdgpu-install, but you should run “amdgpu-pro-install” to install the driver as it will run amdgpu-install with –pro switch.

Now reboot your PC, your iGPU will work.

Before installing new kernel, glxinfo reported following

After install new kernel and AMDGPU Pro driver, i have

With latest mainline kernal (no AMDGPU PRO)

If you don’t install newer kernel, amdgpu-pro-install install will FAIL, i get some segmentation fault.

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