When i install Debian 9 from CD, it did installed with /etc/apt/sources.list pointing to CD. To get this work properly, you need to edit file

Replace content with

Upgrade Debian 8 Jessie To Debian 9 Stretch How to upgrade Debian 9 to Debian 10 […]

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Install Monit on Ubuntu

Monit can be used to monitor services, restart them if required. To install monit, run

To start monit, run

Monitor Apache


Activate the rule with

Restart monit with

Testing If Monit works Open 2 terminals. On one, tail the monit logs with

On other terminal, stop Apache […]

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Install ionCube on Debian 9

ioncube php module

Download latest version of ionCube loader from

Check PHP version with

On Debian 9, default will be PHP 7.0, so you need to use file Find PHP extension_dir, this is where you need to put PHP extensions.

Copy the file to extension directory

Enable ionCube loader with

Now php […]

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Install GeoIP PHP Module in Ubuntu

To install GeoIP php module in Ubuntu, run

To enable module, run

You can see the PHP module with command php -m

Also it will be listed in phpinfo page. geoip […]

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Install pureftpd on Ubuntu

To install pure-ftpd on Ubuntu, run

Create a system user

Enable Unix Authentication To allow system user to login using FTP, edit file

Uncomment the line


On Ubuntu, after default install, you have following settins.

PAMAuthentication enabled. UnixAutehticiation disabled. This allow system users to login using PAM. pureftpd […]

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To force delete a package, run

List all Installed packages

List all files in a package

To find which package provide a file

Apt […]

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