Using apt-get to manage software

apt-get used to manage packages in Debian/Ubuntu server. Install A Package

Uninstall a software (keep configuration file)

Uninstall a software and its configuration files

To upgrade a software

Update Package Info

Remove Unwanted Programs

Back to apt […]

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Install ShadowSocks server on Debian 10

To install ShadowSocks server on Debian 10, run

Create config file

Add following

You can change server_port if required. To enable service, run

To start shadowsocks proxy, run

For status/restart


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Install RabbitMQ on Ubuntu/Debian

To install rabbitmq on Ubuntu/Debian, run

To start RabbitMQ server, run


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How to upgrade Debian 9 to Debian 10

Debian 10

To upgrade Debian 9 to Debian 10, first make sure your system is uptodate.

Edit file /etc/apt/sources.list. Find all occurance of “stretch” and replace it with “buster”.

Or use following

Now update the system

run dist-upgrade

During the upgrade, you will be asked to replace some of the configuration files. […]

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Installing r1soft server backup agent on Debian/Ubuntu

To install r1soft server backup agent on Ubuntu/Debian, add repository

Install agent

Install kernal headers

Install kernal modules

Verify backup agent works with

Start backup agent

Now you can add the server to R1Soft Backup Manager. […]

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Debian 8 jessie repo error

On a Debian 8 server, when running apt update, got following error

To fix it, run

Add following content to the file




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apt – Problem unlinking the file auxfiles

When i get apt update on a Debian 9 server, i get following error

The problem is fixed by deleting


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Install PowerShell in Debian 9

To install Microsoft PowerShell in Debian 9, run

Install GPG keys

Add repository

Install powershell

To start powershell, run


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