Amazon Linux Invalid command SSLEngine

On Amazon Linux, when restarting Apache server, i get error

This is because SSL module was not installed on the server. To fix, run

See ssl […]

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Nginx Curl SSL error

After installing SSL on Nginx server, it worked on browser, but when i try access using curl command, i get error

This is fixed by adding ca-bundle to .crt file. The cert file should be in following format YOUR_DOMAIN.crt This can be done with

Now use YOUR_DOMAIN.ssl as your ssl certificate in […]

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Enable LetsEncrypt SSL in ISPConfig LetsEncrypt Windows LetsEncrypt SSL On Nginx Password Protected site LetsEncrypt SSL On Apache Password Protected site Nginx Proxy SSL Verification Install LetsEncrypt in CentOS 7 Certbot commands Delete LetsEncrypt SSL certficate List all letsencrypt certificates Change Email address of LetsEncrypt SSL Install letsencrypt


Install SSL certificate on […]

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