How to enable SSL/TLS for Express.js application

For node.js applications, you can enable SSL on the application side or using Nginx or Apache running as a reverse proxy. To enable SSL for a node.js express application, use the following code.

See node.js […]

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Find expiry date for SSL certificate using openssl

To find the expiry date of an SSL certificate using openssl command, run


notBefore is the start date for the SSL. notAfter is the expiry date for the SSL. See OpenSSL […]

Read More… list all SSL certificates is an open source bash script that makes it easy to issue free SSL certificates using LetsEcrypt and ZeroSSL. To list all SSL certificates, use the command

Example If you need to delete an SSL certficate, run command


See […]

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ACME ( Free SSL Certificate

ACME ( is a shell script for generating LetsEncrypt SSL certificate. is written in bash, so it works on any Linux server without special requirements. For getting SSL, another popular option is to use certbot. list all SSL certificates To install, run

When you install, it will set a daily cronjob […]

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Install LetsEncrypt in CentOS 7

certbot deprecated support for CentOS 7, so new version of certbot-auto script won’t work on CentOS 7. To install certbot (letsencrypt command line tool), run

To run it, use command

See LetsEncrypt […]

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View SSL certficate Details

To view certificate details

For web server



POP3 via SSL



See SSL […]

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