CentovaCast Enable SSL for shoutcast

To enable SSL for stream, you can use nginx reverse proxy.

In this case, i have a stream available on


I want to make it available using SSL at


The port will need to be differnt as you can’t run both HTTP and HTTPS on same port. So i used Port 8000 here. All traffic to this port using HTTPS will be forwarded to HTTP port. To do this install nginx

Add a virtual host configuration at

with following content

Now restart nginx

Auto restart Nginx

Since we used free LetsEncrypt SSL for the domain, you will need to auto restart Nginx. This can be done by adding a cronjon

You may also need to add cronjob for renewing SSL, this you can find at https://serverok.in/letsencrypt. In case of CentovaCast, SSL is managed by CentovaCast, so you need to worry about auto renewing SSL certificate.

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