Install Pure-FTPd from source

To instal pureftpd from source, go to

find latest version download link.

Download and Install

At the time of this post, latest version is 1.0.49, always use latest version when you are installing.

The software is now installed in /usr/local/sbin/pure-ftpd

To start the server, just run the following command

Common Errors during install

If you get error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH, install gcc with


FTP need following ports open in firewall.

Enable MySQL support

If you need to enable MySQL support in pure-ftpd, then run configure command with following option.

Configuration Files

During installation, configuration file get copied to

You can edit it as required.

To start pure-ftpd with configuration file, run

To enable system users login, set UnixAuthentication to yes.

MinUID specify lowest id of users that is allowed to login to user. You can uncomment it if you need user root or any other system users to login. But this maybe insecure as FTP comminication is done with out encryption.


If you are behind NAT, you need to uncomment following settings. This is required for most cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure. To see if you have NAT, see if your Public IP is configured inside your server. You can list IP configured in your server with command ip a

Replace with your public IP. If you are using Amazon AWS, then it will be your Elastic IP address. If you don’t use Elastic IP, then it is your public IP.

See PureFTPd

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