Change SSH port in CyberPanel

CyberPanel is a free open source control panel for web hosting. It use OpenLiteSpeed web server. You have the option to use Commercial LiteSpeed web server with CyberPanel.

To change SSH port on CyberPanel server, login to CyberPanel, then go to

From the left side menu. On next page, you will get option to change SSH port.

CyberPanel Change SSH port

Once port is changed, click on “Save Changes” button. Now your SSH port changed to non standard port.

Fix Web Terminal

On side bar, you have “Web Terminal” that allow you to access sevrers terminal. If you change SSH port, this feature stop working. To get Web Terminal work again, you need to edit file


Replace with

3333 – replace with your actual SSH port.

Now you need to restart the cyberpanel, for this find the CyberPanel process with command

Kill the process with


It will auto restart once you killed and Web Termianl on CyberPanel will work with custom SSH port.

See CyberPanel

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