EasyApache 4 installing PHP 5

EDIT 2022-06-20: Cpanel completely removed support for PHP 5.6, so this method no longer works on AlmaLinux 8. If you need PHP 5.6, the best solution is to use CloudLinux, which provides support for older PHP versions. CloudLinux is a popular Linux distro used by many shared hosting providers as it allows for better security and isolates each website to its own virtual file system. You can find more information on cloudlinux at


Cpanel have removed PHP 7.0 and older version from newer cpanel installations. Existing servers with older version of PHP will continue working.


If you have a new cpanel server, but required older PHP version for some of your site to work, you can download EasyApache 4 profile from another server and upload to your server and provision it to get older PHP version.

I have EA4 profile with Older PHP version available at


To install, run following commands as root

Or save content of gist https://gist.github.com/serverok/ba97370b3184b480e29cf22c89dc69c3 as serverok-all-php.json, then upload it at

cpanel server

Now login to WHM > EasyApache 4, you will see

EasyApache4 php 5.6

Click on “Provision” to install older PHP versions.

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