EasyApache 4 installing PHP 5

Cpanel have removed PHP 7.0 and older version from newer cpanel installations. Existing servers with older version of PHP will continue working.


If you have a new cpanel server, but required older PHP version for some of your site to work, you can download EasyApache 4 profile from another server and upload to your server and provision it to get older PHP version.

I have EA4 profile with Older PHP version available at


To install, run following commands as root

Or save content of gist https://gist.github.com/serverok/ba97370b3184b480e29cf22c89dc69c3 as serverok-all-php.json, then upload it at

cpanel server

Now login to WHM > EasyApache 4, you will see

EasyApache4 php 5.6

Click on “Provision” to install older PHP versions.

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