Enable Remote Desktop in Ubuntu from the command line

Method 1: Using x11vnc

Connect to remote computer with SSH

Install x11vnc

start x11vnc as the user that is logged in to GUI.

Now you should be able to connect to the desktop using any vnc client software using

Method 2: Using vino

Connect to remote computer with SSH


You need X11 forward enabled to get this working, so you can run GUI application of remote PC on your PC.

Configure settings as required.

Now run

This will start vino-server, if you want to run in background, run with & at end.

To verify vino running, run

Now you have VNC enabled on remote PC.

Start your favorite VNC client and connect to remote PC.

If you don’t have vino-preferences, you can use

To set password for VNC, run

Allow connection from a network interface

start vino server

To view the settings

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