I was using NetLink ONU with one antenna, it worked perfectly fine. I always get good speed. One day this ONT stopped working, so i had to get new ONT. Internet provided given me a model with 2 antenna – NetLink HG323RGW.

NetLink ONU HG323RGW

I was very happy to have this new ONT as it have 2 LAN ports. But it didn’t last long. I started facing problems like slow speed and disconnection. On old ONT, i used to get 120 Mbps speed on speedtest. New device give me approx 90 Mbps on speedtest. Another serious problem i was was whenever i do a speedtest on speedtest.net, the ONT stopped working with RED light.

Net provider replaced the ONT with a new one, this new device also had same issues. They take the ONT and did some frimware update, that fixed problem with speed. But ONT still get rebooted on speedtest.

Some days back, this ONT died again, this time, TX power was not showing, normally it shows something like 2 dBm. Since the ONT was in warrenty period, i get a new device, but i started facing all the problems again. I was like this device is fauty and was looking to buy another ONT.

I was thinking of buying


After speding some time reading the specification of this router and currrent router, i noriced one thing. My old ONT says “1GE+1FE+1POTS+WIFI ONU”. I did some search and found out this router have only 1 Gbps LAN port (1GE), other one is 100 Mbps (1FE). So i switched the LAN cable to other port. That fixed speed issue, i started getting 120 Mbps on speedtest again.

I stil faced frequent disconnects and ONT turning off during speedtest. I sent a mail to [email protected] asking if i face similar issue if i buy the newer ONT model listed on their site. They offerd to check my ONT over TeamViewer.

They connected to my computer, changed value of MTU to 1460, that fixed problem with ONT getting restarted on speedtest.

After this fix, i had frequent disconnects, but NetLink support said it can be due to problem with Cable operator having some loop, this can happen if there is a MAC conflict in the network. Anyway this disconnect issue get resolved by itself after some time.

To find correct MTU value for your network, you can use ping command. On Ubuntu, i run

Start with higher value, lower it gradually until you get ping response.

In my cause value of 1433 resuted in error “ping: local error: Message too long, mtu=1460”. When i used 1432, i get ping response. You need to add 28 to this number to get actual MTU value.

1432 + 28 = 1460

On Windows, you can use ping with differnt options, see


You can also contact your ISP (BNSL in my case) to get correct MTU value.

This device is manufactured by


Sold in india by


Update 2019-08-05; Everything was working better for 1 day. Today this ONT stopped working again. When i start the device, Power and Loss (RED) light turns on. Don’t get any IP on my network interface. Connecting/disconnecting the FTTH cable don’t make any differnce. Pressing reset button on the ONT did nothing. Cable operator replaced the device with another model HG2801RGW. Since i need 2 LAN ports, i purchased a 5 port Switch TP-Link TL-SG1005D 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Desktop Switch (Black) from Amazon. The plan is to keep ONT simple. This way i can isolate problems easily. I have a TP-LINK Wifi Router, so don’t really need WiFi on ONT. In future, i can use simple ONT device like 1GE Secure ONU V2801S

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