Install Odoo using Docker

Odoo is an open source ERP and CRM software written in python. To install Odoo using docker, first install docker using

Odoo use PostgreSQL server to store database. Lets create a postgres docker container.

In above command, replace your-password-here with a secure password.

Create a Odoo container with

If container did not start on boot, enable start on boot with

You can find CONTAINER_ID with docker ps or docker ps -a command.

Next we need to configure a domain to be used with Odoo. For this, we use nginx web server as reverse proxy. Lets install nginx web server with command

Install LetsEncrypt with

Before getting SSL, we need to configure Nginx web server with a simple config file for our domain.


Restart nginx

At this point, nginx will serve the web site from /var/www/html folder. Lets get an SSL certficate using certbot

Once you have SSL, we need to replace the nginx config with proper nginx config

Replace everything in the file with following content.

Restart nginx

At this point, if you go to your web site, you will see Odoo install screen. All you need to do here is enter a database name and fill some information. You can select any database name, installer will create the database.

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