Magento Change URL

Magento store web site url in table core_config_data. To see current url, in phpMyAdmin or MySQL command line, run

Normally this show 2 entry. If it shows more than 2 entry, it is because you have more store configured in your Magento installation. In such case, you should be careful to change correct URL.

To change URL, run

Replace https://NEW_URL_HERE/ with your new web site url.

Flush Magento Cache

Magento 2

URL change is same as Magento 1. You need to update database, then clear cache with command

If you move a site from one site to another with differnt folder structure, some static resoucres may not work as they use symlink and the path does not exists. To fix this, you need to re-deploy the static assets.

See Magento

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