MailEnable delete old mails

MailEnable provides a command line utility to purge messages from the MailEnable message store. The utility will purge all postmaster, badmail, Inbox or Deleted Items messages that exceed the specified age. It can be scheduled as a batch job using the Windows Task Scheduler if needed.


POSTOFFICE|ALL = Apply to a single postoffice or to all post offices

DAYS = The minimum age of messages (in days).

SWITCHES = See following section (switches are delimited by a plus)

UNREAD = Do not purge unread messages

Switches: (delimited by a plus character)

POSTMASTER = Clean the Inbox of Postmaster Mailboxes

INBOX = Clean the Inbox of all Mailboxes

DELETED = Clean the Deleted Items Folder of all Mailboxes

SENT = Clean the Sent Items Folder of all Mailboxes

JUNK = Clean the Junk E-mail Folder of all Mailboxes

BADMAIL = Clean the System BadMail Folder

REPORT = Reports on matching deletions for all settings – does not delete files

Note: Multiple switches can be used if delimited with a + character.


To delete all mails that are 200 days old

Following command will delete all 200 days old mails


You can download mepurge from



See MailEnable

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