Moving from Apache PHP 5 to Nginx PHP 7

Today i moved a high traffic WordPress web using from Apache + PHP 5 to Nginx + PHP 7.2.

Here is a graph provided by LiquidWeb (server provider).

With Apache, load was like 8.

[email protected]:/etc/php# uptime
12:35:01 up 14:33, 1 user, load average: 8.03, 6.66, 5.84
[email protected]:/etc/php#

After switching to Nginx + PHP-FPM, load come down to 2.

[email protected]:~# uptime
17:26:20 up 19:24, 1 user, load average: 1.13, 1.07, 1.21
[email protected]:~#

Here is sar result.

With Apache idle CPU was approx 72. With Nginx we have 90%+ idle CPU most of the time.

Here is NewRelic Web transactions graph. The break in data is due to PHP 7.2 have no newrelic module installed. So i just switched back to Apache for a while, reinstalled NewRelic for PHP 7.2, then turned Nginx back on.

NewRelic Apdex Score went from poor to fair.

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