Postfix enable Maildir

To enable postfix, run

You can do it by editing /etc/postfix/


if home_mailbox entry already in file, then modify instead of adding a new entry.

Virtual Mailbox

If you are using virtual mailbox, make sure you spedify folder in your virtual_mailbox_maps.

Here is what i have in

in /etc/postfix/vmailbox

if you miss / at end of the line, mail will get stored in mailbox format even if you specify home_mailbox = Maildir/

Verify Maildir

Create a user

Sent a mail to the user

Login as the user

Check the mail

You will see the mail. Only recent version of mail command support Maildir. If you are using older version, it won’t work. If you are using recent version of Linux, you will be fine.

See Postfix

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