Whitelist an IP in Amazon AWS security group from command line

To white list an IP in Amazon AWS security group using aws command line tool, run



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Amazon S3 CORS

To enable CORS for Amazon S3 bucket, add


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Enable Gzip in Amazon Linux

To verify Apache module is loaded, run

Create file

Add following content

Restart Apache with

To verify gzip is working, run

You will see something like NOTE: gzip compression only works if you have a reasonably large file. If your file is very small, then gzip won’t do anything. See […]

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Configure Postfix to use Amazon SES

Install postfix with

Update postfix config with


Add to end of the file

In the above, replace SMTP_SERVER_NAME with your Amazon SES mail server, for example “email-smtp.us-east-1.amazonaws.com”, you can see it in your Amazon SES console. Run

Replace SMTP_SERVER_NAME, SMTP_USERNAME and SMTP_PASSWORD with your actual credentials. Now run


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Amazon AWS (awscli) command line interface

awscli is a command line tool for Amazon AWS. To install, run

If python 2, you need to install package python-pip. Install awscli with pip

You can find more details at https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cli/latest/reference/ Once installed, you need to configure it

To sync content of a folder to Amazon S3 bucket, run

Whitelist […]

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