Enable SSL for icecast steam using nginx

On ubuntu server running icecast, when i try enable SSL as per CentovaCast Enable SSL on icecast, i get following error

I don’t compile my own icecast installation as it use Ubunu version of icecast, that get updated using apt. Instead of getting icecast serve steam using SSL, i installed Nginx, and proxy traffic […]

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Autostart icecast using systemd

To autostart icecast using systemd, create a unit file

Add following content

Enable icecast start on boot with

To start/stop/restart icecast, use


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How to install icecast KH on CentOS 7 Server

Download latest source code for IceCast KH server from https://github.com/karlheyes/icecast-kh/releases At the time of writing this post, latest version is 2.4.0-kh15

If you get error related to “XSLT configuration could not be found”, see configure: error: XSLT configuration could not be found You need a non root user to run icecast, create a user […]

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