Enable SSL for icecast steam using nginx

On ubuntu server running icecast, when i try enable SSL as per CentovaCast Enable SSL on icecast, i get following error

I don’t compile my own icecast installation as it use Ubunu version of icecast, that get updated using apt.

Instead of getting icecast serve steam using SSL, i installed Nginx, and proxy traffic from SSL port to icecast.

Install nginx with

remove default server entry

Create file


In above configuration

is the SSL i already have on server. Replace it with path to SSL certifciate on your server. If you don’t have an SSL, you need to purcahse one or get a free SSL using LetsEncrypt.

Restart Nginx

Now stream on port 8000 will work using HTTPS on port 9000.

Modify ports as required.

If you use Free LetsEncrypt SSL, you may need to add a cronjob to auto reastart nginx when SSL get updated.


See Icecast, Nginx

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