How to install ImunifyAV+

ImunifyAV+ is an anti-malware software for Cpanel/Plesk servers. This is paid version of ImunifyAV. To install ImunifyAV+, run If you have a key-based license

If you have an IP-based license for ImunifyAV+, use IPL as the license key

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Uninstall ImunifyAV on Plesk Server

Uninsall Plesk Extension

ImunifyAV is a free antivirus for Linux Server. On a Plesk server, i installed paid version of ImunifyAV. Now plesk shows both paid and free versions.

To remove free version of ImunifyAV, run

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How to Install ImunifyAV on Cpanel Server

ImunifyAV is a Free version of a malware scanner for websites. To install ImunifyAV on Cpanel

To start/stop, run

If that did not work, you can use the following command, which works on Cpanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin server

Install Cpanel Plugin By default, ImunifyAV doesn’t show up in the Cpanel interface. To […]

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