ISPConfig reset admin password

To reset password for ISPConfig, login to MySQL as root.

if you don’t have MySQL root password, see ISPConfig Find MySQL root password. Switch to ISPConfig database

To change password, run

Replace NEW_PASSWORD_HERE with your new password. […]

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Add SSL for ISPConfig Control Panel

ISPConfig LetsEncrypt Free SSL

To add SSL for ISPConfig control panel, add server hostname as a web site in ISPConfig and enable the LetsEnrypt checkbox. That will get SSL installed for your hostname. Make sure you verify hostname resolve to the ISPConfig server before doing this or SSL validation fail. Once you have valid LetsEncrypt SSL certficate installed on […]

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ISPConfig fail to create MySQL database


Whem creating MySQL database in ISPConfig, no database get created. To debug, i disabled the cronjob. Created a database in ISPConfig control panel, run cronjob manually, it shows following error

This is because ISPConfig can’t connect to MySQL server for creating new MySQL database. To fix, edit file /usr/local/ispconfig/server/lib/mysql_clientdb.conf

Update MySQL password for […]

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Install SSL for ISPConfig Control Panel


First find hostname for the server using command

Login to ISPConfig, add this web site. Get an SSL issued for this web site. Verify SSL works for this site. Now create file

Add following content to the file

Excute the script

When you run first time, you may get missing file […]

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Disable Apache Error log in ISPConfig

ISPConfig is a free hosting control panel. It come with Nginx and Apache web servrs. You can select one during installation. if you are using Apache web server with ISPConfig and want to disable Apache Error logs, then do the following

Now restart Apache

This is not a permanant solution as ISPCOnfig will […]

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ISPConfig 3 configuration files

ISPConfig 3 configuration files are are located in folder


Config file for webmail/phpmyadmin

Config for ispconfig web interface


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mod_fcgid: HTTP request exceeds MaxRequestLen

On a ISPConfig server with PHP running in FCGI Mode, i get following error in error_log when upload images from WordPress admin area. [Tue Apr 03 13:45:11 2018] [warn] [client] mod_fcgid: HTTP request length 139264 (so far) exceeds MaxRequestLen (131072), referer: ISPConfig store error log for site in “log” directory in parent folder […]

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ISPConfig ISPConfig reset admin password ISPConfig 3 configuration files Add SSL for ISPConfig Control Panel Enable LetsEncrypt SSL for web site in ISPConfig ISPConfig how to rename web directory Apache/PHP Install PHP 7.2 in CentOS ISPConfig Server mod_fcgid: HTTP request exceeds MaxRequestLen Disable Apache Error log in ISPConfig MySQL ISPConfig fail to create MySQL database […]

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