Install Monit on CentOS

Monit allow you to monitor process. It can restart failed process or alert when server is overloaded. On CentOS server, you need to enable EPEL repo to install monit.

Install monit with

Enable monit to auto start on boot

Start monit service

On CentOS, monit configuration file located at

See […]

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Monitor OpenLiteSpeed with monit

To monitor OpenLiteSpeed with monit on Ubuntu Server, create file

Add following content

Reload monit with

Now monit will monitor OpenLiteSpeed, restart if required. You can check status with

If you want to monitor if web server is responding to request, you can use


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gonit golang replacement for monit

gonit is a replacent for monitoring software monit. monit was removed from Debian 10 due to security issues and the devloper will not provide a patch for the security vlunerabilty in time for Debian 10 release. You can download gonit from


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Install Monit on Ubuntu

Monit can be used to monitor services, restart them if required. To install monit, run

To start monit, run

Monitor Apache


Activate the rule with

Restart monit with

Testing If Monit works Open 2 terminals. On one, tail the monit logs with

On other terminal, stop Apache […]

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See gonit golang replacement for monit monit is a process monitoring service that monitor services, restart if required. Install monit Install Monit on Ubuntu Install Monit on CentOS monit configuration Auto restart elasticsearch with monit Start meguca on boot Monitor OpenLiteSpeed with monit Here are monit rules used to monitor apache, php-fpm and MySQL […]

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