Install Zend OpCache on OpenLiteSpeed Server

Zend OpCache GUI

To install Zend OpCache on OpenLiteSpeed Server, run

Now restart PHP with command

Zend OpCache GUI Zend OpCache GUI shows stats for OpCache. This is for monitoring purpose only. You can download it from All you need to do is download the files, exact it, upload it to your web site. It […]

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Enable Zend OPcache in PHP

Zend OPcache in phpinfo

To enable Zend OPCache in PHP, edit php.ini add following to end of the file

Now you may need to adjust some settings, in php.ini uncomment following, change values as needed.

Verify it with

Restart web server. If you using php-fpm or fcgi, you need to restart the process. phpinfo() will show […]

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