PowerMTA test using telnet

To test PowerMTA using telnet, run

Now paste following content

To see logs

To see PowerMTA queue, run

See PowerMTA […]

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PowerMTA IP Rotation

To setup IP rotation in PowerMTA, configure multiple IP on the server. Setup rDNS for each of these IP, point a sub domain to these IPs same as the reverse DNS entry. Here is an exable First we need to edit DNS records. Add folowing A records.

Set up rDNS (reverse DNS/PTR Record) with […]

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PowerMTA route mails through another SMTP server for a domain

If you want to route emils from PowerMTA though another SMTP server, you can use following config. In this example, all outgoing emails to @outlook.com domain will get routed through Amazon SES. Edit PowerMTA config file

Add folowing

Restart PowerMTA

See PowerMTA […]

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Enable Web Monitor UI in PowerMTA

PowerMTA comes with a Web Monitor UI, that will show you some stats about your mail server, also able to run some commands, edit PowerMTA configuration file. To enable Web Monitor UI, you need to white list your IP address in PowerMTA configuration, for this you need a fixed IP Address.


Add […]

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PowerMTA allow an IP to sent email

To allow a web server to send email through PowerMTA with out autentication, you need to edit PowerMTA configuration file

Add a source entry for the IP address that you need to allow relaying mails

Replace IP_ADDRESS with IP address of web server that you need to allow sending email with out autentication. […]

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swaks – command line SMTP testing tool

swaks is a command line SMTP testing tool available at http://www.jetmore.org/john/code/swaks/ On Debian/Ubuntu, you can install it with

if you just type swaks, it will ask your email, then sent a mail using MX Record to specified email address. To send email using specific mail sevrer

Deliver a standard test email, requiring CRAM-MD5 […]

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Create DKIM in PowerMTA


To generate DKIM, go to https://www.sparkpost.com/resources/tools/dkim-wizard/ On first text box, enter the domain name that you will be sending email from. For example, if i need to sent email from [email protected], i need to enter serverok.in in this text box. In DomainKey Selector text box, enter name for your DKIM key. This can be any […]

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Change SMTP port in PowerMTA

To change SMTP port in PowerMTA, edit file

Find line starting with

This line specify port used by PowerMTA server. You can change the power on this line. If you need PowerMTA listen to multiple ports, duplicate the line and change port, this will make PowerMTA work using both ports.

This will […]

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Create SMTP user in PowerMTA

Once you have PowerMTA installed, you need to create SMTP user. To create an SMTP user, edit file


Add below

In above code, replace SMTP_USERNAME_HERE and SMTP_PASSWORD_HERE with SMTP username and password you need. in vmta-1, domain-key line that is commented out is used to Enable DKIM signing of out going […]

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