Migrate Emails using imapcopy

To instal imapcopy on Ubuntu/Debian, run

To migrate mailbox, create a file

Create config file

In above file, replace SOURCE and DESTINATION server IP, user and passwords.

To start the email migration, run

You can test the config with command


Install Open Source Zimbra Mail Server

To install Zimbra, Download latest version form


At the time of this post, latest version is 8.8.8 GA Release.

System Requirments

Zimbra recommends 8 GB of RAM. For detailed system requirements, see Zimbra System Requirements

I have installed on servers with 4 GB RAM with out any problem. If you are installing on server with 4 GB RAM, make sure you add swap in cause you run out of RAM.

Set Hostname

Zimbra need you set set proper hostname for your server. First add an A record for your host name and point it to your server IP.

Now edit /etc/hosts and add an entry like

Where mail.yourdomain.com is your FQDN.

Set MX Record

During installation Zimbra check for MX record, so make sure you set MX record for your domain, point it to the server where you install Zimbra.

Install Zimbra

To install Zimbra, run

It will ask some questions. Most questions, you can just press enter as that is default option (Y).

Once install is done, you will be asked to set admin password.

After install is done, you will be able to login to Zimbra Admin area at

Web mail available at


Amazon Workmail

Amazon Workmail Review

Amazon Workmail is business email hosting like Google G Suite, Office 365, etc..


Workmail cost $4 per user, comes with 50 GB storage.

It come with all normal access modes like IMAP, POP3, etc..

Webmail is basic with contacts and Calendar.

Amazon Workmail

Since i am used to Google G Suite, it feel little hard for me to use.

One thing i noticed is when i sent email, i used to type recipient email address, press tab, enter subject, tag again, type message. This is the workflow i am used to in Google G Suite. When i try same in Amazon Workmail, it did not work because there are too many elements on the compose email screen and i have to press TAB multiple times to get into subject or body field.

Amazon Workmail Compose

All the marked elements here force you to press TAB. After enter recipient, you need to press TAB 3 times to get into subject field, again TAB 4 times before you can start wring the message.

To get to compose, you need to click “New Item” then select “New email” from drop down menu. That is lot of wasted time on a Mail application where primary purpose is to sent and receive emails. It will be better to have a “Compose” or “New email” button like most other email providers, make easy for users.

I don’t think i can compare it with Google G Suite as it come with much more features like Google Drive, Documents and many more. But for business use, many of these may not required, it depends on the business.


zmcontrol CLI for Zimbra Mail Server

zmcontrol is CLI tool for managing Zimbra Mail Server.

To use, zmcontrol, you need to become user zimbra.

To stop zimbraAdmin, run




Reset Zimbra Administrator Password
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Zimbra Mail Server CentOS firewall settings

Login to Zimbra Admin at


Login to webmail at


Installation Tips

1) Make sure no postfix pre installed.

2) Set SELinux off

3) Make sure you can ping to hostname, also MX record set for hostname

4) Turn firewall off during installation or open required ports.

Re Run configuration

Start Zimbra Server


exiqgrep allows you to search exim mail queue.

To search for a particular recipients, run

To search for all emails from a particular email account, use

You can use -i option to list only message id. This is useful when you need to delete mails from a particular account.

To delete all email sent from a particular email account, run