zmcontrol CLI for Zimbra Mail Server

zmcontrol is CLI tool for managing Zimbra Mail Server.

To use, zmcontrol, you need to become user zimbra.

To stop zimbraAdmin, run




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zmcontrol CLI for Zimbra Mail Server
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Login to Zimbra Admin at


Login to webmail at


Installation Tips

1) Make sure no postfix pre installed.

2) Set SELinux off

3) Make sure you can ping to hostname, also MX record set for hostname

4) Turn firewall off during installation or open required ports.

Re Run configuration

Start Zimbra Server


exiqgrep allows you to search exim mail queue.

To search for a particular recipients, run

To search for all emails from a particular email account, use

You can use -i option to list only message id. This is useful when you need to delete mails from a particular account.

To delete all email sent from a particular email account, run



exiwhat commands shows what exim mail server is doing.



Install Mail-in-a-Box

Mail-In-A-Box is a complete mail server, that included webmail, smtp, imap, pop3.


You need Ubuntu 14.04 to install Mail-In-A-Box.

Before you start installation, make sure you have server hostname set properly.

To start installation, run

During installation, it ask you to set password for admin email account – [email protected]

Once installation finished, you will be able to login at




Dovecot is a IMAP/POP3 server.

To install on Debian/Ubuntu, run

To see dovecot config, run

elasticemail postfix

Configure ElasticEmail with Postfix

To configure ElasticEmail with postfix, first install sasl support

On Debian/Ubuntu


Edit postfix config

On Ubuntu/Debian, you need to comment the line starting with “relayhost”.

Add following

Now create file

Add following content

You can find your SMTP user name and password from

elasticemail postfix

Now run

Restart postfix with

Postfix will relay mails using postfix now.

See postfix