Install Open Source Zimbra Mail Server

To install Zimbra, Download the latest version of “Zimbra Collaboration Open Source” form At the time of this post, the latest version is 8.8.15 GA Release. System Requirments Zimbra recommends 8 GB of RAM. For detailed system requirements, see Zimbra System Requirements I have installed it on servers with 4 GB RAM without any […]

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zmcontrol CLI for Zimbra Mail Server

zmcontrol is CLI tool for managing Zimbra Mail Server. To use, zmcontrol, you need to become user zimbra.

To stop zimbraAdmin, run


Zimbra […]

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Install Open Source Zimbra Mail Server Reset Zimbra Administrator Password zmcontrol CLI for Zimbra Mail Server Zimbra Generate DKIM Key Zimbra Unable to validate certificate chain Install SSL Certificate on Zimbra mail server Zimbra redirect webmail http to https Zimbra Mail Server CentOS firewall settings Zimbra webmail not working on port 80/443 How to find […]

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exiqgrep allows you to search exim mail queue. To search for a particular recipients, run

To search for all emails from a particular email account, use

You can use -i option to list only message id. This is useful when you need to delete mails from a particular account. To delete all email […]

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exiwhat commands shows what exim mail server is doing.

exim […]

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