Check spam mails in MailEnable

Now check each sender IP in auth.txt file, check whois of IP address see, if any spamer.

See MailEnable […]

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MailEnable delete old mails

MailEnable provides a command line utility to purge messages from the MailEnable message store. The utility will purge all postmaster, badmail, Inbox or Deleted Items messages that exceed the specified age. It can be scheduled as a batch job using the Windows Task Scheduler if needed.

Parameters POSTOFFICE|ALL = Apply to a single postoffice […]

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Install MailEnable Mail Server

Download mailenable Standard edition from

Configuration Go to

General Tab

Inbound Relay

Check Denied relay ip

Security Check following

Restrict number of recipents per emails 10 Delivery Check Never send delay notification mail restart SMTP Check open relay at See MailEnable […]

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install postfix from source code


Create user

Download and Install Go to and download latest version of postfix.



Now it ask many questions, just enter for every questions. See [[postfix make install questions]]

PRESS ENTER FOR ALL error while loading shared libraries:

Show mails […]

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