How to find Zimbra version

How to find Zimbra mail server version

To find the Zimbra version, log in to the server using SSH, then run the following commands. Switch to user “zimbra”

Run command zmcontrol -v, which will display the version of Zimbra you are using.


Using Zimbra Admin Login to Zimbra Admin area at

On Dashboard, you will see the […]

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Roundcube add generic message in footer

Add message to footer of outgoing mails. Edit config/ Add

Now in root folder of roundcube, create a file message_footer.txt Add

See Roundcube […]

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Roundcube disable multiple identities



Setting value of identities_level disallow users to change from email address. See Roundcube […]

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Install PowerMTA

Install the requirments

If you already have a mail server remove it.

If you want to keep current mail server, you can run PowerMTA on a port other than 25.

Restart PowerMTA

If you get any error, run powermta in debug mode

To customoize your PowerMTA install, edit config file […]

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PowerMTA test using telnet

To test PowerMTA using telnet, run

Now paste following content

To see logs

To see PowerMTA queue, run

See PowerMTA […]

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