apt error after MariaDB to MySQL change

I have install MariaDB on a Ubuntu 16.04 server. Then installed Virtualmin, that require MySQL, so it removed MariaDB and installed MySQL, this caused apt stop working. When i run “apt update”, it failed with

Next i run ‘apt-get -f install’ as it said in above error message.

That too failed. The error […]

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apt show

apt show command shows information about a package.

See apt policy apt […]

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apt policy

apt policy command show information about a package.

It shows the installed version “Installed: 2.4.18-2ubuntu3.5” and the repo from where it is installed. See apt […]

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subprocess installed post-installation script returned error

When installing software on Ubuntu, i get following error.

To fix this, run

Replace PACKAGE_NAME_HERE with actual package that fail. In this cause spl-dkms.

See apt […]

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Set default editor in Ubuntu To change vi editor run

To display current vi config, run


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apt doesn’t support architecture i386

After adding facebook hhvm repository on Ubuntu 16.04, i get following error when running “apt update” command.

This is fixed by editing


Replace with


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add-apt-repository command can be used to add repository in ubuntu. To install, run



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List all Dependency for a package.

Using apt-get to manage software Uninstalling Software in Debian Server apt policy apt show apt-cache Ubuntu find Dependencies for a package Reinstall a package using apt Ubuntu show package information apt force IPv4 Blocking Package Upgrade on Debian/Ubuntu Download a package using apt on Debian/Ubuntu Auto upgrade software […]

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Enable remote desktop in xubuntu

Install vino

Configure Vino Configure vino, run

Start vino on boot XFCE settings > Session and Startup > Add

Now restart the computer. See Ubuntu […]

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