subprocess installed post-installation script returned error

When installing software on Ubuntu, i get following error.

To fix this, run

Replace PACKAGE_NAME_HERE with actual package that fail. In this cause spl-dkms.

See apt […]

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Set default editor in Ubuntu To change vi editor run

To display current vi config, run


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apt doesn’t support architecture i386

After adding facebook hhvm repository on Ubuntu 16.04, i get following error when running “apt update” command.

This is fixed by editing


Replace with


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add-apt-repository command can be used to add repository in ubuntu. To install, run



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List all Dependency for a package.

Using apt-get to manage software Uninstalling Software in Debian Server apt policy apt show apt-cache Ubuntu find Dependencies for a package Reinstall a package using apt Ubuntu show package information apt force IPv4 Blocking Package Upgrade on Debian/Ubuntu Download a package using apt on Debian/Ubuntu Auto upgrade software […]

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huawei e8231 usb modeswitch

By default, device work in Mass Storage mode

Create file

With following content

To switch to Modem Mode, run

If it worked, device will change to modem mode

Notice it changed name, also device ID changed to 14dc. ifconfig will list a new network interface usb0


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getting huawei e8231 work on ubuntu 14.04

After connecting, i get following in lsusb

It says “Mass storage mode”. If you check demesg, you will see

Last line says, device mounted as “/dev/sr1”

Changing Device Mode to Modem I found some information about the device in file

It says device can operate as products “14db” and “14dc”. […]

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Enable remote desktop in xubuntu

Install vino

Configure Vino Configure vino, run

Start vino on boot XFCE settings > Session and Startup > Add

Now restart the computer. See Ubuntu […]

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