How to uninstall the PowerShell Module?

To uninstall a PowerShell module use the Uninstall-Module command. The module should not be in use to uninstall it.

To force uninstall a module run

To uninstall all versions of a module, use option -AllVersions

If you need to keep a version and uninstall all other versions, run


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How to backup PuTTY Settings

PuTTY is a very lightweight SSH Client software for the Windows Operating system. Sometimes you need to back up and restore Putty sessions (saved SSH connections) to another computer. Putty stores its settings and SSH sessions in Windows Registry. PuTTY settings are stored in Windows Registry at

To back up, the settings, run


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Nginx on Windows

You can download nginx for windows from To download nginx from command line, use following command in PowerShell

Auto Start Nginx on Windows When using Nginx on Windows, you need to escape paths with \ like following

For SSL, i used

See Nginx […]

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Downloading a file with PowerShell

To download a file using PowerShell, run


See Windows […]

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Enable TLS 1.2 on Windows Server 2008 R2

SSL Score A

Windows Server 2008 R2 come with IIS 7.5, latest supported TLS version is 1.1. Recently Google Chrome starting showing sites using TLS 1.0 and 1.1 as insecure. To fix this, create a file tls12-enable.reg with following content

Now run a command promt (cmd.exe) as Administrator. Go to the folder where tls12-enable.reg is saved, run […]

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Auto Start Nginx on Windows

To auto start Nginx on Windows, download Extract the file, you will find “nssm.exe” file for 32 and 64 bit windows. Copy the file for your Windows version to a folder like C:\utils\nssm.exe Start a command promt as user Administrator, then to go the folder where nssm.exe is, then run

In the GUI […]

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