How to change Port of Squid Proxy Server

Squid proxy server runs on port 3128 by default. Changing squid proxy server port to a non-standard port is a good idea as it will protect your proxy server from abusers and hackers.

Method 1

You can use the sed command to replace the port number

In the above command, replace NEW_PORT_HERE with the port number you need.

For example, to run squid proxy on port 5555, run

Now restart Squid Proxy server

If you have a firewall, you will need to open the port in the firewall.

Method 2: Manual Configuration Change

Edit Squid configuration file with vi or nano editor.

In the file, find http_port, it should look like

Change 3128 to whatever port number you like. Save and exit the editor.

Restart Squid Proxy server with the command

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