Install shadowsocks on Ubuntu

Install ShadowSocks server on Debian 10
install ShadowSocks client in Ubuntu 18.04

On Server, install it with

Create config file for server


Replace SERVER_IP and PASSWORD in above config. Start server with


Shadowsocks client

Shadowsocks have clients for different operating systems. Some are GUI. On Ubuntu, i install CLI version, that is part of shadowsocks server. To install run

Now start the sslocal program with command


Now you will be able to configure your browser to use socks proxy listing at

Monitor redis with redis-cli

On Ununtu/Debian, install it with

To get stats, run

If your redis on differnt sevrer or use non standard port, then use



If you want to see info about clients, run


To see what redis is doing, run

If your redis is running on remote server, then use

Connect to redis from PHP

To connect to redis, first install php-redis

Now create a php file with following code


php redis

Install Redis PHP module in Ubuntu 16.04

To install redis php module in Ubuntu 16.04, run

If you are using Apache, restart Apache.

If php-fpm restart

You will see following in your phpinfo()

php redis


Install Redis on Plesk Debian Server
Installing Redis PHP module CentOS 7
Connect to redis from PHP
Monitor redis with redis-cli
Install Redis from Source
redis commander – Web GUI for Redis

Checking if redis works


Count Number of Keys

To count number of keys, use


Here DBSIZE returned 4114, that means you have that much key/value stored in redis.

Flush ALl

To flush all keys, use


composer is PHP package manager, to install, run

Install Packages

Run this every time you change composer.json or pull newer copy from git.

Show Installed Packages

Update Software

Only run this if you need to update software versions. Don’t run it in production. Only run when you are project maintainer and need everyone else use latest version of packages.


WordPress Migration

Tools – Scan WordPress for plugins/theme installed

Good Plugins


WordPress Behind Reverse Proxy

Add following code to wp-config.php to get WordPress work behind reverse proxy

Enable SSL

update wp_options set option_value="https://yourdomain.extn" where option_name="siteurl" or option_name="home";

Increase wordpress memory

Add following to wp-config.php

WordPress Updating with FTP

To update wordpress from admin area, you need to be running web server as the user owning files. This is not possible when you run PHP as apache module.

To fix this, you need to edit your wp-config.php and add following to end of the file.

You can read about about this at

Above configuration work fine for me when files are inside public_html folder of FTP homed directory.


Game Server Control Panel

Here are some control panel for game hosting



Open Source, Free. Using Laravel PHP framework, Docker. Limited game support.


This is popular game hosting control panel. It is $15 per month


Cost $4 per month. Look like outdated software. I installed this, did not work. There is no support. Tickets never get replied by GameCP support.


PufferPanel is an open source game server management panel designed for both small networks and game server providers. PufferPanel supports Minecraft, Spigot, Sponge, Source Dedicated Servers, BungeeCord, PocketMine and much more.