tools – web site propogration Online Malware Scanner Site Checker Web site Tools Site Speed Email Checker – Test the Spammyness of your Emails. – Text your DNS MX records. – Know your sender reputation IP WHOIS Domain Dossier – check IP […]

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Radio allow you to run your own radio station. It allow you to manage you media, playlists. It support IceCast and Shutcast as media servers. […]

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Ubuntu point all .test domains to Install dnsmasq on Ubuntu […]

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Ubuntu point all .test domains to

Until recently .dev was popular TLD used by developers for local web development. Recently google acquired the rights to use .DEV domain name extension and forced SSL for this LTD in google chrome. Web developers are looking for alternate home for their local development web sites. Some suggested .localhost as development LTD, but it is […]

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certbot certificates

To list all letsencrypt SSL certificates, run


letsencrypt […]

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Syntax error or access violation: 1071 Specified key was too long

When running database migration in a new larvel project, i get following error [email protected]:~/www/proxy (master)$ php artisan migrate In Connection.php line 664: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1071 Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes (SQL: alter table users add unique users_email_unique(email)) In Connection.php line 458: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or […]

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Block an IP using iptables Open MySQL Port 3306 in CentOS 7 Saving iptables firewall rules Port forward using iptables iptables -F lock me out To list current rules, run

To list rules in numeric format, run


To view nat rules

To see rules with counter, use

Open port […]

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zmcontrol CLI for Zimbra Mail Server

zmcontrol is CLI tool for managing Zimbra Mail Server. To use, zmcontrol, you need to become user zimbra.

To stop zimbraAdmin, run


Zimbra […]

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mosquitto is an Open Source MQTT server. MQTT is a machine to machine or IOT (Internet of Things) protocol. To install run

To test, run

To create a user, run

Config file available at

To restart, use

To connect with user and password, use


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Reset Zimbra Administrator Password zmcontrol CLI for Zimbra Mail Server Zimbra Generate DKIM Key Install Open Source Zimbra Mail Server Zimbra Unable to validate certificate chain Install SSL Certificate on Zimbra mail server Zimbra redirect webmail http to https Zimbra Mail Server CentOS firewall settings Zimbra webmail not working on port 80/443 How to find […]

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