Install MongoDB in Ubuntu

To install MongoDB in Ubuntu/Debian, run

Configuration file for MongoDB is

To see status of MongoDB, run

To start/stop

Create a User

Now you need to enable authentication, this can be done by editing /etc/mongodb.conf

Uncomment the line

Restart MongoDB

Now you can login with

To […]

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Zimbra Generate DKIM Key

To generate DKIM key in Zimbra Mail server, login as user zimbra

Now run


Zimbra […]

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Install MATE Desktop in Ubuntu

Add PPA repo with command

To install MATE run

This install was done on remote VPS with x2go server. Once install is over, i am able to connect to remote desktop using x2go client. x2go […]

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Install GeoIP PHP Module in Ubuntu

To install GeoIP php module in Ubuntu, run

To enable module, run

You can see the PHP module with command php -m

Also it will be listed in phpinfo page. geoip […]

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xfs is default file system for RHEL 7. To format a partition in xfs format, run


fs […]

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Tripwire is a data integrity tool for monitoring and alerting file and directory changes. To install, run

Generate keys Run

This ask you to enter password. Creating Database

You need to edit file

customise it for your system or you may get file/directory not found errors. Checking for changes


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DNS Resolver

CloudFlare announced privacy-first consumer DNS service. IP of CloudFlare public DNS servers are

So far i was using Google Public DNS servers as my resolver.

Quad9 Quad9 is from IMB and Global Cyber Allience.

Other public DNS server is OpenDNS

All these DNS servers have good connectivity in india. I […]

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mod_fcgid: HTTP request exceeds MaxRequestLen

On a ISPConfig server with PHP running in FCGI Mode, i get following error in error_log when upload images from WordPress admin area. [Tue Apr 03 13:45:11 2018] [warn] [client] mod_fcgid: HTTP request length 139264 (so far) exceeds MaxRequestLen (131072), referer: ISPConfig store error log for site in “log” directory in parent folder […]

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Create SSL pem file

To make .pem file from SSL certificate, run

Here is the format

ssls/namecheap SSL example


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