ISPConfig ISPConfig reset admin password ISPConfig 3 configuration files Add SSL for ISPConfig Control Panel Enable LetsEncrypt SSL for web site in ISPConfig ISPConfig how to rename web directory Apache/PHP Install PHP 7.2 in CentOS ISPConfig Server mod_fcgid: HTTP request exceeds MaxRequestLen Disable Apache Error log in ISPConfig MySQL ISPConfig fail to create MySQL database […]

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Install PHP 7.2 in CentOS ISPConfig Server

First you need to install EPEL repo and REMI repo. To install EPEL, run

To Install REMI repo, download RPM file for your OS from For CentOS 6, run

For CentOS 7

Install PHP 7.2 with

Configure PHP-FPM


Replace 9000 with unused port, i used

Restart/Enable […]

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Install Apache and PHP 7 On Windows

Lets start with PHP. Go to Decide which PHP version you need. At the time of this post, PHP 7.2 is latest version is available in following 4 version VC15 x64 Non Thread Safe VC15 x64 Thread Safe VC15 x86 Non Thread Safe VC15 x86 Thread Safe x64 vs x86 x64 is for 64 […]

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File Hosting

File Transfer Free File Hosting Start your own file hosting – Start your own file hosting Self Hosted NextCloud […]

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Find MySQL Server Version

To find MySQL server version, connect to MySQL, then run

You can also use “mysql –version”

This only show MySQL client version. If you have multiple MySQL server installed or MySQL server is running on another host, this won’t help. MySQL […]

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mysql root

Change MySQL Password Change MySQL root password MySQL create user with root privileges Reset MySQL root password Reset MySQL root Password Ubuntu 16.04 MySQL 5.7 Reset root password CentOS 7 MySQL 5.7 root password reset How to Reset Root Password in MySQL 8.0 Reset MySQL root password on Bitnami server Change MySQL root password in […]

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Change MySQL root password

If you have MYSQL root password and want to change MySQL root password, first login to MYSQL with command

Method 1

Method 2


Method 3 Use command

This command will ask for new and old MySQL passowrd. mysql root mysql […]

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do-release-upgrade – upgrade ubuntu to next release. If you are using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, it will upgrade to 16.04 LTS. Install PHP 7.2 on Ubuntu Ubuntu Slow Boot AMD Ryzen 3 2200G on Ubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu AppArmor Install Transmission torrent client on Ubuntu Server Set default PHP version in Ubuntu update-alternatives – Set default applications […]

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Install PHP 7.2 on Ubuntu

To install PHP 7.2, first add repository with command

Now run apt update

Install PHP 7.2 with command

To install additional modules, run

php […]

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