Enable sar in Ubuntu

On Ubuntu, when i run sar, i get error

This is because sysstat is not enabled by default on Ubuntu, to enable, edit file


Replace with

Now restart sysstat

See sar […]

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Running MySQL inside docker

On a Cpanel Server with old version of PHP, one of the application require MySQL 5.6 to work. Since PHP version is no longer supported, updating MySQL using WHM will upgrade PHP to one of the supported versions, that may break existing sites. So i decided to install MySQL inside docker. First create a folder […]

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If you need to try docker on web with out installing on your computer, use https://labs.play-with-docker.com Docker Install Install Docker on Ubuntu 16.04 Install Docker on Ubuntu 18.04 Docker Basics docker run docker exec docker login docker search docker build Backup and Restore Docker Image Docker Delete Conatiner/Image Delete all docker containers Docker Delete all […]

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Backup with tar

To backup a site using tar, i created a shell script.

With following content

For weekly backup

Make it executable

Create backup folders

Set cronjob


See backup […]

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Auto backup all your MySQL databases daily, weekly and monthly. To install on Debian/Ubuntu, run

To manually backup, run

MySQL backups will be stored in folder

See backup […]

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Install zfs file system on Ubuntu

Listing ZFS file systems

List pools

Show current IO usage

To see status

Setup ZFS file system in Ubuntu […]

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To test mail using sendmail, use

Dot in last time tell sendmail that message body is ended and it can send mail. […]

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Sent maldet scan report to email To install maldet, run

Configure Maldet to sent email

Update Maldet

To scan everything, run

To scan a folder

To scan all public_html folders

To scan content created/modified in last 10 days, run

Ignore a folder in maldet […]

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self signed ssl

To generate self signed SSL certificate, run


Add Self Signed SSL to Apache Virtual Host Lets say your Apache virtualhost entry is

Create a new VirtualHost entry based on this, say yourdomain-ssl.conf, in this new file Find

Replace with

Find line starting with

Add Below

Now restart […]

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