Install ionCube Loader on CentOS 7

Go to Download latest version of ionCube Loader

Find out PHP version you are using with command

Here we have PHP version 5.6, now you need to find the available loaders for PHP 5.6 with command

The one we needed is You need to copy it to PHP extension_dir directory. […]

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git log

To see got commit log, type

To see logs in one line, run

To see one line grap, use


git […]

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xrdp allow you to connect to Linux Desktop using Windows Remote Desktop. First you need to install desktop environment. Installing something light weight like XFCE is better if you are using a remote server.

This will download approx 500 MB of files and install on Ubuntu 16.04. Next install xrdp

You need to […]

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swaks – command line SMTP testing tool. mailtrap – SMTP server for development. Cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Alibaba, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and DigitalOcean do not allow you to run your own mail server. If you need to sent an email from your web application, you need to use one of the Transnational Email […]

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To create a user, run

-m = create home directory. -s = specify location of shell. To create a user with custom home directory, use

Create User with Specific User id Create the user “serverok” with uid 4223, run

Create User to Run System Service -r option select gid/uid for running system […]

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mod_rpaf is an apache module that translate proxy IP to real IP when apache web server is behind a proxy server. To install on Ubuntu, run

Config file available at

Apache […]

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Nginx Proxy Configuration

Nginx Reverse Proxy behind Cloudflare Nginx CloudFlare restore real ip Show Real IP Nginx Behind Reverse Proxy To configure Nginx as proxy, use following configuration

If you need to serve images using static files, add following block to nginx config

Rule to handle SSL verification If you are proxying traffic to an application […]

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Install pureftpd on Ubuntu

To install pure-ftpd on Ubuntu, run

Create a system user

Enable Unix Authentication To allow system user to login using FTP, edit file

Uncomment the line


On Ubuntu, after default install, you have following settins.

PAMAuthentication enabled. UnixAutehticiation disabled. This allow system users to login using PAM. pureftpd […]

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Install Pure-FTPd on Ubuntu Install Pure-FTPd on CentOS with Virtual Users Ubuntu pure-ftpd reply with unroutable address Install Pure-FTPd from source Enable FTP for EasyEngine Website How to change pure-ftpd port To install Pureftpd on CentOS, run

To start/stop, use

To enable system users to login, edit /etc/pure-ftpd/pure-ftpd.conf, un comment the line UnixAuthentication […]

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ERROR 2006 (HY000) at line 348: MySQL server has gone away

When i try to restore a MySQL database, i get following error.

To fix the error, edit file


Restart MySQL

if using mariadb, run

MySQL […]

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