Fix Cpanel SSH Service in WHM

You may need to restart SSH on Cpanel server with default settings to get SSH access. This may needed when you work on a server with unknown SSH port or when SSH service on the server is failed/limited for some reason. To fix SSH, login to WHM, then access following URL

URL will look […]

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Configure Postfix to sent emails using MailGun

First install requirements


Edit /etc/postfix/


Create file /etc/postfix/sasl_passwd

Replace SMTP_LOGIN and SMTP_PASSWORD with your user and password you get from mailgun. Run

Restart postfix

You can test email with


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Installing OpenSSH from Source on Ubuntu 16.04

PCI Compliance report from COMMODO complain about OpenSSH version available in Ubuntu 16.04. SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_7.2p2 Ubuntu-4ubuntu2.4 This version have all security updates back ported. Installing OpenSSH from source is bad idea as you have to manually upgrade to latest version when new version is released. Since PCI Compliance require new version of OpenSSH, i installed from […]

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Create a password file

To limit access, add following to Apache virtual host entry.

Create a User – non interactive mode

Changing Password for a user

Apache […]

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Testing API […]

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To check if your server is getting DDoS, you can use netstat command.


Once you find offending IP address, you can block it in firewall or using routing table. DDoS Protection DDoS Protected Hosting – DDoS protected hosting […]

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supervisord is a program that allows you to monitor and control processes. supervisord runs processes as its sub processes, can restart a processes if it crashes. supervisord is the server. supervisorctl is the client program. You can find more info at supervisorctl To install on CentOS run

On Ubuntu/Debian

Config files are […]

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Check Mail Server Support SSL/TLS Encrypting a file using OpenSSL Convert PFX SSL Certificate Remove SSL private key password View SSL certificate details

To get SSL certificate details of a web site


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Check Mail Server Support SSL/TLS

To check if a mail server support SSL/TLS, run


mail openssl […]

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