Install FFmpeg on CentOS using yum

Install epel repository using

Method 1

Install scrpms repo

On CentOS 7

On CentOS 6

Install ffmpeg with

NOTE: On 2019-12-11 i tested it on CentOS 7. ffmpeg worked. Version is 4.2.1. mplayer/mencoder install failed with dependency error.

Method 2

On CentOS 7

Install ffmpeg with

NOTE: On 2019-12-11 i tested it on CentOS 7. ffmpeg and mencoder install worked. But version is very old. ffmpeg version 2.8.15. MPlayer SVN-r37391-4.8.3

See ffmpeg

ISPConfig Add New PHP Version

Install PHP 7.2 in CentOS ISPConfig Server

First you need to install EPEL repo and REMI repo.

To install EPEL, run

To Install REMI repo, download RPM file for your OS from

For CentOS 6, run

For CentOS 7

Install PHP 7.2 with

Configure PHP-FPM


Replace 9000 with unused port, i used

Restart/Enable PHP-FPM

For CentOS 7

For CentOS 6

Add PHP Version in ISPConfig

Login to ISPConfig, go to

System > Additional PHP Versions > Add new PHP version

ISPConfig Add New PHP Version

On Next Page, enter name.

In “FastCGI Settings” tab, fill following details

In “PHP-FPM Settings” tab, add

Changing a Sites PHP Version in ISPConfig

Go to sites, click on site you need to change PHP version.

On this page, you need to select value for “PHP” and “PHP Version”. Once changed, you need to wait a minute for the version change to happen. This is done by cronjob, that run every one minute.

You can manually execute the script if you want.


Install Apache and PHP 7 On Windows

Lets start with PHP. Go to

Decide which PHP version you need.

At the time of this post, PHP 7.2 is latest version is available in following 4 version

VC15 x64 Non Thread Safe
VC15 x64 Thread Safe
VC15 x86 Non Thread Safe
VC15 x86 Thread Safe

x64 vs x86

x64 is for 64 bit OS. Most computers these days are 64 bit.

Thread Safe vs Non Thread Safe

Download “Thread Safe” version if you are using PHP as Apache Module or IIS.

Non-Thread Safe version is for running PHP as FCGI process.

Exact and put the content of ZIP file in folder

Download and Install Apache

Download latest Apache version from

Download 32 or 64 bit depending on your Windows install.

Since we are installing PHP compiled with VC15, we need Apache compiled with VC15. So i downloaded following

The site have other version available for VC14 and VC11, this is useful if you are installing older version of PHP that is compiled with older Visual Studio C++.

Edit httpd.conf, add following to end of the file

If you want to install Apache as Service, run

-n “Apache 2.4” is the service name that will be visible in windows service manager.


Find MySQL Server Version

To find MySQL server version, connect to MySQL, then run

You can also use “mysql –version”

This only show MySQL client version. If you have multiple MySQL server installed or MySQL server is running on another host, this won’t help.


Change MySQL root password

If you have MYSQL root password and want to change MySQL root password, first login to MYSQL with command

Method 1

Method 2


mysql root mysql