CentovaCast change MySQL password

CentovaCast is a control panel to manage online streaming services. It support shoucast, liqudsoap and icecast streaming servers. To change MySQL Password in CentovaCast, update following files.

You will see something like

Following files is auto generated, this file also contain MySQL login details

See CentovaCast […]

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Upgrade centovacast

To upgrade centovacast installation, run

If you don’t want to upgrade shotcast/icecast/luquidsoap, you can run

This will disable updating these services. Sometimes newer version need a differnt config file, so maybe disabling updating these helps.

Updating centovacast

See Centovacast […]

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CentovaCast Enable SSL for shoutcast

To enable SSL for stream, you can use nginx reverse proxy. In this case, i have a stream available on http://my-domain.com:8000/index.html?sid=1 I want to make it available using SSL at https://my-domain.com:9000/index.html?sid=1 The port will need to be differnt as you can’t run both HTTP and HTTPS on same port. So i used Port 8000 here. […]

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CentovaCast Enable SSL on icecast

Before you can get SSL work, you need to compile icecast with SSL. If icecast is not installed with SSL support, it will ignore settings and just serve the stream using non HTTPS. To install icecast with SSL support, download icecast from https://icecast.org/download/

You need to verify SSL supported enabled. If you don’t have […]

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Install Paid SSL on Centova Cast Install LetsEncrypt Free SSL on Centova Cast CentovaCast Enable SSL on icecast CentovaCast Enable SSL for shoutcast Manually run icecast on CentovaCast server Upgrade CentovaCast CentovaCast change MySQL password mp3 files stored in folder

When user connect with FTP, he will see files from folder /usr/local/centovacast/var/vhosts/USER/var/spool/ […]

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Install SSL on Centova Cast


Edit file


Add below

Restart Centova Cast

At this point, you will be able to access Centova Cast on port 80 at

To install LetsEncrypt Free SSL certificate, run

Restart Centova Cast

Now you will be able to access Centova Cast using HTTPS. […]

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