imunify get list of all infected files

imunify store data in SQLite database. To see a list of malware infected files, start sqllite with

Data is stored in table malware_hits. To find the schema of the table, run

We only want to orig_file column from the table, so run the SQL command

Delete all past scan results If you […]

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Imunify Anti Virus

Imunify is an anti-malware software for webservers. It has 3 versions. ImunifyAV, ImunifyAV+, and Imunify360. ImunifyAV only supports manual scanning. ImunifyAV+ supports Scheduled scanning and One-click malware cleanup. Imunify360 has more protection, it supports scheduled scanning, a built-in firewall, and web application firewall (WAF), that protect against application-level attacks, WordPress brute force attacks, kernel update […]

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