Install Nginx Proxy Manager

Nginx Proxy Manager

Nginx Proxy Manager is Docker based GUI for managing Nginx reverse proxy. It support LetsEncrypt free SSL. To install, create a folder

Create config.json file


Creaye docker-compose.yaml file

add following content

If you don’t have docker and docker-compose installed, install it with

To start Nginx Proxy Manager, […]

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Enable CORS in Nginx

To enable CORS in nginx, add following inside web sites sevrer config.

Restart nginx

See CORS […]

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List installed Modules in Nginx

To list modules compiled with nginx, run



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Nginx show full url in access log

To show full url in nginx access log, add following

See Nginx […]

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logrotate nginx log by date

Logrotate by default rotate logs with numbers like following You can configure how many logs to keep and how to rotate lots by editing logrotate configuration file for nginx

rotate 14 – this tells logrotate to keep logs for 14 days. If you need to rotate logs by date, add


See […]

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CentovaCast Enable SSL for shoutcast

To enable SSL for stream, you can use nginx reverse proxy. In this case, i have a stream available on I want to make it available using SSL at The port will need to be differnt as you can’t run both HTTP and HTTPS on same port. So i used Port 8000 here. […]

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Auto Start Nginx on Windows

To auto start Nginx on Windows, download Extract the file, you will find “nssm.exe” file for 32 and 64 bit windows. Copy the file for your Windows version to a folder like C:\utils\nssm.exe Start a command promt as user Administrator, then to go the folder where nssm.exe is, then run

In the GUI […]

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Nginx HTTP 414 request-URI too large

Nginx Web Server

On a Nginx server, when accessing a long url, i get error

To fix the error, edit

inside “http” section, find

Replace the line with

If your URL is very large, you may need to increase the 32k to higher or reduce the url length. Large url like this mostly happend […]

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