Proxmox 6 disable No valid subscription notice

To disable No valid subscription notice from proxmox, edit file


This is on line 380. inside function checked_command

Replace with

Resart pveproxy

Proxmox create virtual machine

Proxmox Manage Virtual Machines with qm command

To list all running Virtual Machines, run

To stop a VM, run

Here are other qm commands

proxmox 6

Add ISO Images to Proxmox


To add ISO images to proxmox server, login to server as user root, then go to folder “/var/lib/vz/template/iso”. You can download ISO for operating system you need to this folder.

For Debian 9

For Fedora 28

See proxmox

Proxmox CT Templates

Downloading Proxmox CT Templates

Proxmox allow you to create fully virtualized virtial machines and Linux Containers. Linux Containers have lightweight, share kernal used by host server.

Before you can create CT, you need to download templates.

To list all available CT images, run

Proxmox CT Templates

Download a template

To download a proxmox CT template, run

This will download and save template to folder “/var/lib/vz/template/cache/”

proxmox download template

List available templates

To get list of all templates available on your installation, run

proxmox pveam list local

See Proxmox