VestaCP disable Backups

In VestaCP, each packages have option to specify how many backups it can take. First you need to click on packages, then change number of backups allowed for each package.

VestaCP disable backup

If backups allowed is more than 0, set it to 0.

Users are created with these Packages. For all existing users, you need to manually edit file


change value for backup to 0.

If you have many users, instead o editing one by one, you can use following bash script.


FILES=$(find /usr/local/vesta/data/users/ -name "user.conf")

    echo "Processing ${USER_FILE}"
    sed -i "s/^BACKUPS=.*$/BACKUPS='0'/g" $USER_FILE
    sed -i "s/^U_BACKUPS=.*$/U_BACKUPS='0'/g" $USER_FILE

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