Install PHP 5.6 on CentOS 7

To install PHP 5.6 on CentOS 7, enable EPEL repo and remi repo

Install yum-utils and enable remi-php56 repo

Install PHP 5.6 with


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yum commands

Install a software with yum

Uninstall a software

Example for installing php and GD

When you need to update all install software, run

List all available software

List all installed software

See yum […]

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EPEL – Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux

EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) provide additional software for CentOS and RHEL. You can find more information about EPEL at On CentOS 7/8, you can enable EPEP repo with command

Or just download rpm package from the site and install. RHEL/CentOS 6:

RHEL/CentOS 7:

RHEL/CentOS 8:

See CentOS, yum […]

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Install elasticsearch on CentOS 7

To install elasticsearch, first install java

Import key

Create file

Paste following

Install elasticsearch

Set elastic search to start on boot

To start/stop/status

To see logs

ElasticSearch runs on port 9200

If you get error starting elasticsearch, check Elasticsearch failed to start on CentOS 7 If […]

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yum [Errno 5] [Errno 2] No such file or directory

When running yum update on CentOS 7 server, i get following error

Someone had tried to install differnt version of python on this server. That caused this problem. When i run urlgrabber-ext-down, i get error saying python missing.

Problem fixed by creating symlink

See yum […]

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Install bind in CentOS 7

bind is a DNS server. To install bind on CentOS 7, run

Enable bind to start on boot

Start bind

You can see status with

Setup firewall You need to allow DNS ports UDP/TCP 53 in firewall. On CentOS 7, you can run

Configure bind By default bind only listens […]

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Install Python 3.8 on CentOS 6 from source

To install Python 3.8 on CentOS, you need to install OpenSSL as the one installed by CentOS from yum is very old.

Now edit file

at end of the file, add

Make the settings active with command

Now we can install Python 3.8 with

Now python 3.8 will be available […]

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yum list all available packages in a repo

To list all packages available on a specific repo, run


This command list all packages available in repo “litespeed” […]

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Install PHP 7 on CentOS VestaCP

To install PHP 7. you need to first enable epel and remi repo.

Remove existing PHP

Install PHP 7.3

start php-fpm

Set php 7.3 as default PHP for cli

Restart apache


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rpmdb DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database recovery

When running yum update on a CentOS server, i get following error.

To fix it, run


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