Install Python 3.8 on CentOS 6 from source

To install Python 3.8 on CentOS, you need to install OpenSSL as the one installed by CentOS from yum is very old.

Now edit file

at end of the file, add

Make the settings active with command

Now we can install Python 3.8 with

Now python 3.8 will be available […]

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yum list all available packages in a repo

To list all packages available on a specific repo, run


This command list all packages available in repo “litespeed” […]

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Install PHP 7 on CentOS VestaCP

To install PHP 7. you need to first enable epel and remi repo.

Remove existing PHP

Install PHP 7.3

start php-fpm

Set php 7.3 as default PHP for cli

Restart apache


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rpmdb DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database recovery

When running yum update on a CentOS server, i get following error.

To fix it, run


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rpm verify packages

To verify a package installed on system, you can use


Here bind package have /etc/named.conf file modified. To verify all packages on system, run


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CentOS 7 resolv.conf make changes permanent

On rebooting CentOS 7 server, changes made to resolv.conf is lost. This is becaise one of the network interface is configured to use DNS server.

To fix, edit

Remove the line

Now NetworkManager will not modify /etc/resolv.conf file on boot. Or you can set valid DNS servers in network config file like […]

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Install Pure-FTPd on CentOS with Virtual Users

To install Pure-FTPd on CentOS, run

Edit configuration file

To disable anonymous FTP, find

Replace with

To enable Virtual Users, find

Uncomment the line.

To Allow Apache user to login via FTP, find

Replace with

I set MinUID value to 47, as apache user have UID/GID of […]

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Install vim from source on CentOS

To install vim from source on CentOS server, run

This will install latest version of vim. You can start it with command

To get it work with “vi” command, i removed preinstalled vim editor with command

Now create a symlink with


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Install OpenLiteSpeed on CentOS

OpenLiteSpeed Benchmark

To install OpenLiteSpeed web server on CentOS, install repository for your CentOS version For CentOS 6

For CentOS 7

For CentOS 8

To install OpenLiteSpeed, run

Before you can install PHP, you need epel repository enabled with

Install PHP with

Set symlink

Start OpenLiteSpeed with

To stop […]

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