How to find Amazon S3 bucket size

To see the disk usage of an Amazon S3 bucket, do the following 1) Click on the bucket name 2) Click on Metrics 3) On Next Page, you will see S3 bucket disk usage. In this case, the bucket size is 39.3 MB. To find disk usage using awscli, run

See Amazon S3 […]

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Google Kubernetes Engine get credentials

Before you can run kubectl commands on Google Kubernetes Engine, you need to get credentials, this is done with command

To use gcloud commands, you need to login to google cloud first using command

See Google Kubernetes Engine […]

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Amazon Elastic Container Registry

amazon docker registry (ECR)

Amazon Elastic Container Registry is used to store docker images in Amazon AWS cloud. To create a repository using awscli command line tool, run

In Amazon AWS console, you can see the newly created repository by going to “Elastic Container Registry” page in the region where you created the repository. To see the […]

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Amazon EC2 disk resize No space left on device

On an Amazon EC2 instamce disk usage was full.

I increased disk size on Amazone AWS console. But disk did not get changed in EC2 instance.

The partition still shows 10 GB. When i try growpart, i get error

This is because disk is full. I try delete some unwanted files. But […]

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Mount Amazon s3 on Linux

To mount Amazon S3 bucket as a filesystem on linux, you can use s3fs. To install s3fs on Ubuntu/Debian, run

To mount an s3 buclet, create a password file with your AWS secret key and

Then run

In above command replace sokmount = bucket name /home/boby/ = your mount point ap-southeast-1 […]

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Amazon ECS

Amazon ECS is a container service from Amazon AWS Cloud. This allow you to run Docker containers in AWS cloud. It is like Kubernetes. Here are some good resources to get started with Amazon ECS See AWS […]

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