Alibaba Cloud DirectMail

AlibabaCloud DirectMail

Alibaba Cloud DirectMail

AlibabaCloud DirectMail is transactional email service from AlibabaCloud. It is like Amazon SES, MailGun, SendGrid etc…

They have 3 differnt mail server hostname depending on region. Unlike other SMTP providers, they allow email using port 80.

Note: Port 25 is currently disabled to maintain ECS security. If your sending application is deployed on Alibaba Cloud ECS, we recommend that you use port 80 when SSL is not checked, and use port 465 when SSL is checked. Besides, we support explict ssl/tls functionality on port 25 or 80 with “STARTTLS” smtp cmd.

Whitelist an IP in Amazon AWS security group from command line

To white list an IP in Amazon AWS security group using aws command line tool, run


AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Here are some useful command working with AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Application get stored in folder

oracle cloud vpc

Allow ICMP (ping) in Oracle Cloud

Oracle cloud do not allow ICMP/ping to compute instances. To enable ping, you need to enable ICMP in the security group.

On your compute instance details page, you will see “Virtual Cloud Network”.

oracle cloud vpc

Click on Virtual Cloud Network link, that will take you to page with VPC details.

Oracle Virtual Cloud Network

Scroll down, you will see subnet.

Oracle Cloud Public Subnet

Click on Public Subnet, on next page, it shows details about the subnet. Under Security Lists, you will see Default Security List for VirtualCloudNetwork. Click on it to see your firewall rules.

oracle cloud ingress rules

Click Add Ingress Rules button to add new rule. By default port 22 (SSH) allowed from everyone. ICMP was blocked for everyone (rule 2 and 3).

To allow ICMP, you can add a new Rule for ICMP.

Oracle Cloud Add Ingress Rule

On Add Ingress Rules page, select

Click Add Ingress Rules button. Now you should be able to ping to any compute instances on this VPC. It is safe to remove 2 of the existing ICMP rules or edit them instead of adding new rule.

See Oracle Cloud

Amazon S3 CORS

To enable CORS for Amazon S3 bucket, add

Google Cloud SQL

Google Cloud SQL

To create a Google Cloud SQL database, run

INSTANCE_NAME_HERE = this can be anything, lowercase letters, 0-9, for identification purpose only.

db-n1-standard-1 => this is size of the server, you can change it as needed.

To create a Database, run

To create a User, run

To list all google cloud SQL instances, run

Google Cloud SQL

To list all databases in a Google Cloud SQL server, run

list databases in google cloud sql

To connect to Google Cloud SQL database, run

This will open firewall rule and add your IP so you can connect to Google Cloud SQL server.

Set Permanant hostname on AWS EC2 CentOS 7 server

On AWS EC2 when you boot, hostname set something like

To chaneg this, run


To disable change of hostname, run

Now reboot your server with