Google Cloud SQL

To create a Google Cloud SQL database, run

INSTANCE_NAME_HERE = this can be anything, lowercase letters, 0-9, for identification purpose only. db-n1-standard-1 => this is size of the server, you can change it as needed. To create a Database, run

To create a User, run

To list all google cloud SQL instances, […]

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Set Permanant hostname on AWS EC2 CentOS 7 server

On AWS EC2 when you boot, hostname set something like To chaneg this, run


To disable change of hostname, run

Now reboot your server with


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VMWare esxcli

To list all running VM, run

To list all installed software



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Amazon Route 53 DKIM error

DKIM keys failed to validate on a mail server. The domain used Amazon ROute 53 DNS server. amavisd-new showkeys command print out following public key for this domain.

When you cut and paste this in Amazon ROute 53, it get treadted as 4 seperate TXT records.

When i test with

It shows […]

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kubectl command is used to manage Kubernetes Clusters. To install kubectl on Linux, run

On Ubuntu, you can install from snap using

or with apt

To get help, run

Check if Kubernetes environment is ready

Run nginx container

Connect to a pod

Execute a command in pod


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