Audacity Import Filter Curve in Ubuntu

The import feature in Audacity Filter Curve Plugin is disabled on Ubuntu. Save feature worked. So what I did was to save a preset, then edit it, replace it with the preset you need. To import Josh Meyer’s Male EQ preset available at First saved one of the preset. It asked for a name, […]

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lspci command is used to list PCI devices on your computer. To see all lspci command-line options

To list all PCI devices

To get detailed list

bash: lspci: command not found […]

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Linux tr command (translate)


The tr command is used to translate text. Example

You can also use

To change specific chars

To delete char, use -d option

See Linux Commands […]

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Skype public key is not available

I have Ubuntu 20.04 computer with skype installed. When I update software using apt update, I get an error

To fix this error, delete the key

Add the key again with

Now you can update software with

See Skype […]

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lxc error Unable to fetch GPG key from keyserver

Linux Container

When i create an lxc container on the Ubuntu server, I get an error

To fix this, you can run

To make it permanent, add it to .bashrc

At the end of the file, add

Method 2 You can specify DOWNLOAD_KEYSERVER environment variable for the command with

Method 3 Use […]

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configure: error: Couldn’t find pcre.h, try installing the libpcre


When installing PHP OAuth, I get the following error

To fix, install libpcre3-dev

See Errors […]

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How to install and use rdesktop

rdesktop is an open-source client for connecting to windows using Windows Remote Desktop Services. To install rdesktop on CentOS/Fedora run

To install rdesktop on Ubuntu/Debian servers, run

To connect a server with rdesktop


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