Systemd Journal

Systemd have its own loggin system called Systemd Journal. It keep track of logs for each service.

To see log for a service, run


systemd service file

Start an application using systemd

systemd is used to start applications on linux systems.

In this post, we will create an application and run start it on boot using systemd.

Lets create our sample application.

Add following content to the file and save.

You can start the application by running

on terminal, this will run a simple web server on port 80. If you already have a web server running on port 80, change the port to another.

To stop web server, type CTRL+C.

Create Systemd service file

To manage this application using systemd, we need to create a service file.


systemd service file

Managing Systemd service

First you need to enable the service with

To start the service, run

To stop the service, run

To see status of the service, run

Application Performance Monitor (APM)

Application Performance Monitor (APM) is used to monitor application performance. This help you identify problems with your application. If you are developing an application, this is very helpful as you can see changes in application performance during a software upgrade, this allow you to identify perofrmance issues related to changes in your application.

Here are some useful sites that provide Application Performance Monitoring solutions.


serverpilot is a SAAS hosting control panel for web servers.

It use nginx as proxy with apache web server as backend. Services used by serverpilot are

Config file locations

Web site specific configuratoons stored in vhosts.d folder inside apache/nginx config folders.

Apache installed at


sysdig is a tool like top, but more powerful, it is a combination of tools like htop, iftop, lsof.

To install sysdig on ubuntu, run

To see files using top IO, run

To access top like GU, run

OpenLiteSpeed Monit

Monitor OpenLiteSpeed with monit

OpenLiteSpeed Monit

To monitor OpenLiteSpeed with monit on Ubuntu Server, create file

Add following content

Reload monit with

Now monit will monitor OpenLiteSpeed, restart if required. You can check status with

monit status openlitespeed

If you want to monitor if web server is responding to request, you can use


inotifywait monitor changes in Linux file system. It can be used to track file changes.

Here is inotifywait command used by bitninja to detect uploaded files.